Tasmanian Tiger

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Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian tiger lives in Tasmania and off Australia's southeast coast. There are very few left on Earth. They are also called Tasmanian wolves or thylacines. They aren't really tigers or wolves. They are just called that because they have short gray or yellowish-brown fur and dark stripes across their back. These tigers are about 5 feet long and 2 to 3 feet tall. They have strong legs, a slim bodies, and rounded ears. Tasmanian tigers eat kangaroos and wallabies. Since thylacine are marsupials, they carry their young in their pouches.



9/11/2006 10:39:54 PM
Dany said:

The Tasmanian Tiger no longer lives in Tasmania and has been extinct for a long time. They were picky eaters, only eating certain parts of Tasmanian mammals.


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