Dingoes about

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What is the history of literature in Australia?

Dingoes about

Dingoes are not native to Australia but they were introduced to it so long ago that they might as well be. Some dingoes have been domesticated, but most are wild. People do not generally like dingoes because they go after sheep and cattle although they have helped by killing small (or large) rodents. Since they have been introduced to Australia, the number of marsupial wolves and Tasmanian devils have dropped to almost nothing while on Tasmania they still thrive. This may be because the dingo actually hunts them or just because there is less prey. Whatever the reason, though, they are quickly becoming extinct on the mainland. Dingoes look like wild dogs and can be dark brown, reddish or black, and sometimes they have spots, lop ears and upswept tails. They have been known to go after sheep, cattle, other dingoes intruding on their territory, and small rodents, such as rabbits, Tasmanian devils, and marsupial wolves. Sometimes, they will even go after kangaroos.



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