Canberra: At a Glance

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Canberra: At a Glance

Canberra [kan´buru] Pronunciation Key Canberra , city (1991 pop. 276,162), capital of Australia, in the Australian Capital Territory, SE Australia.

Canberra has many walk ways and national parks, enjoyable for bushwalking. Visitors can also enjoy other sites such as: the Australian War Memorial, the National Library, and the Australian National University, Parliament House and many other sites that deal with national issues, including the Royal Mint, National Film and Sound Archive; and a large array of galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia.

The federal government is the largest employer in Canberra. In 1913, Canberra officially became the second capital of the commonwealth (succeeding Melbourne); however, although the Parliament first met there in 1927, the transfer of federal functions was not completed until after World War II.



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