Summertime is on its way

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Summertime is on its way

Yes, it's September. Summer, however, is definitely in the air. Yesterday's reported high in Melbourne was 30°C (which, for those in Farenheit, is 86 degrees, or in other words, hot). While Oz is promoted as the land of sun and sand, it's really unusual for it to be this hot in September. In fact, yesterday was the hottest day in early September since records began.

It's nice to have a taste of summer, but it does cause a little worry about what's to come. With the heat yesterday came winds, bringing to mind the conditions that led to the devastating bushfires at the start of the year. Conditions are nowhere near as bad as they were then, but as usual the sun in Australia brings with it a certain amount of environmental responsibility. This summer, it will be even more important than usual for visitors to be aware of the fire restriction procedures that are advertised throughout the country.



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