Australian Army 'Slouch Hat'

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Australian Army 'Slouch Hat'

The slouch hat is a familiar sight associated with the Army in Australia. Manufactured by the Akubra company, which also manufactures the distinctive Australian bush hats of the company's name, the slouch hat is a double-peaked, wide-brim felt hat that typically has one side of the brim pinned up. This makes it easier to carry a rifle.

The slouch hat was not invented in Australia, although it has a long association with the country. The hats have long been worn by armies around the world, but became standard issue for Australian soldiers in around 1885.

The brim of a slouch hat was once pinned using the rising sun badge or other badge of particular significance, but in modern times the had comes equipped with a hidden hook-and-eye allowing the left side to be hooked up without messing around with pins. Badges still are worn on the upturned brim.



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