Australian Capital Territory: Vital Statistics

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Australian Capital Territory: Vital Statistics

Location: The ACT is enclosed within the state of New South Wales. It is 300km south-west of Sydney,

Area: The ACT is 2,358 km² or 910 square miles. It is roughly oval in shape.

Climate: The weather sticks to the 'rain in winter, shine in summer' pattern (unlike the northern areas of Australia, which have a wet season in summer and a dry winter). Average temperatures during summer are around 27°C, cooling to 13°C at night. In winter, average day-time temperatures are around 11°C and night-time 0°C.

Resources: The ACT has a large agricultural industry with sheep, cattle and vineyards being the main forms. The area has no known mineral resources.

Income: In 2006, the average weekly income for an adult was $600-$699. This is above the Australian average, and possibly due to the amount of government work performed within the territory.

Housing (Canberra): Average house prices are $500,000 and rising in 2009. Canberra is the third-most expensive area to buy a house in Australia, after Melbourne and Perth. Average rental prices are $410 per week for a house and $385 per week for a unit. The only cities in Australia more expensive to rent in are Sydney and Brisbane.

Cost of living (the coffee test): $3 for a medium latte. This price will shortly creep up to $3.50.



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