What can I see in South Australia?

Admiral's Arch

Admiral's Arch
Admiral's Arch is a magnificent natural arch sculpted by the elements. At Cape du Couedic , it is the playground for groups of New Zealand Fur Seals, which laze on the rocks nearby.

Coober Pedy: Activities

Browse the shops for opals. If you don't know your opals, stick with a guide who knows, as you could wind up with cheap low-quality stones.
Visit the opal museum in the centre of town. Learn about opals and some mining history.
Visit an opal mine and underground home. There are a number of organised tours you can take.
Go fossicking for opals. Best to do this in a designated opal field.
If you have the time and wish to do it, travel with the mail truck on a 600-kilometre round trip from Coober Pedy to Oodnadatta and William Creek for a different traveling experience.

Hindmarsh Island

Hindmarsh Island, a large island impeding the flow of the River Murray before it reaches the ocean, is accessible only by ferry, making it an ideal escape destination as well as a point from which to see the Murray Mouth. A large marina has been constructed on the island.

Murray River National Park

Murray River National Park
13.250 hectares
The Murray River National Park consists of Katarapko Creek, Lyrup Flats, Bulyong Island and Eckert Creek. The floodplain is considered important for the preservation of red gum and black box woodland habitat.
Katarapko Creek, a minor branch of the River Murray is across the river from Loxton. Here, in quiet backwaters and several horseshoe lagoons are numerous waterbirds. Many protected species nest and live on the island, including peaceful doves, sulphur-crested cockatoos, sacred kingfishers striped honey-eaters, regent parrots, crimson rosellas, blue-faced honeyeaters, pied butcher-birds, pelicans, ibis and darters. The waters around Katarapko Island are excellent for canoeing and fishing.

Rocky River

Rocky River
Telephone (08) 8553 7235 Rocky River is a small cleared area in the heart of a forest of the national park, known for large numbers of Kangaroo Island kangaroos and Cape Barren geese that go there to feed. The kangaroos are mostly docile and visitors can hand-feed them. Other animals in the area include emus and koalas. Park Headquarters are at Rocky River.


Whyalla, city (1991 pop. 25,526), South Australia state, S Australia, on Spencer Gulf. The city has shipbuilding and iron and steel industries. Iron ore and iron and steel products are exported.

Talisker Conservation Park

Talisker Conservation Park
134 hectares Talisker Conservation Park has as its focus the historic Talisker silver and lead mine. The old Cornish miners' diggings, surrounded by steep wooded hills, are listed on the state's register of heritage items. An interpretive display and walking trail explore the mine, its history , natural features and vegetation.


Population: 742 The historic port of Robe is today a holiday-makers' mecca. It was discovered by French explorer Baudin in 1802. He must have been impressed at what he saw - in one direction, clean gently sloping beaches stretching as far as the eye can see in the other, rocky cliffs and impressive natural landforms. Long Beach qualifies as one of the country's most under-rated beaches for swimming and surfing. The port of Robe is an old town, with streets of heritage cottages and public buildings, and loads of character. In the 1850s, lines of Chinese immigrants streamed through, on their way to the victorian goldfields - it was cheaper to land here and walk than to disembark in Victoria and pay the poll tax of 10 pounds a head.


Population 963 This is a thriving deep sea port, shipping bulk grain grown on the peninsula to all points of the globe. Proclaimed in 1873, its first settlers initially Iived in dugouts. The land around the settlement was riddled with broom bush and mallee and at first was cleared by hand, a terrible job.
Then, in the early 1870s, a local farmer called Mullins developed a contraption called the 'mulleniser', a heavy roller drawn by a team of horses which flattened the scrub, which was later burned. In 1876, two brothers, Clarence and Richard Smith invented the stump jump plough, an ingenious device that saved South Australian farmers uncounted hours of effort - and in particular the farmers on Yorke Peninsula.
Another industry around Ardrossan is dolomite, mined from quarries south of the town.


The Outback
The outback contains 80% of the states area and less than 0.75% of its population. Whichever way you travel Port Augusta at the tip of the Spencer Gulf is the largest concentration of people you will see until Alice Springs or Roxby Downs.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, small island, South Australia, S Australia, at the entrance to Gulf St. Vincent. It is 90 mi (145 km) long and 34 mi (55 km) wide. The chief products are barley, sheep, salt, gypsum, and eucalyptus oil. At its west end is Flinders Chase, a large reservation for native flora and fauna. There are many summer resorts. Kingscote (1991 pop. 1,443) is the principal settlement.

Cape Borda Lighthouse

Cape Borda Lighthouse
Telephone (08) 8559 3257 Opened in 1858, this lighthouse stands on a cliff 155 metres above the sea on the far western end of the island. Nearby stands a small cannon, once used to warn ships of danger. The cemetery close by has thirteen headstones, a stark reminder of the hardships faced by the early settlers. The Cape Borda Heritage Museum displays a collection of relics which depicts the daily life of the settlement and explains the operation of the lighthouse.

Seal Bay Conservation Park

Seal Bay Conservation Park
750 hectares Telephone (08) 8552 8233. Seal Bay is famous for its large colony of rare Australian Sea Lions, estimated to comprise ten percent of the world population of the species. The inhabitants are relatively tame, and do tolerate human incursion into their midst. Nonetheless, they can be dangerous and entrance into the area is restricted to minimise disturbance to both the mammals and their breeding. Guided tours take visitors closer to the large mammals. A Ranger's hut above the beach provides information on the sea lions' living habits. The full length of Seal Bay Conservation Park has been declared an Aquatic Reserve swimming and fishing are prohibited.

Coober Pedy: Underground living

No wonder, many have chosen to live in underground dugouts, and a visitor to this place can, in fact, secure accommodation in an underground hotel or be toured through underground homes.
Located on the Stuart Highway, somewhere between South Australia's Port Augusta and the Northern Territory's Alice Springs, it is almost an obligatory stop for travelers on the highway in order to experience the unique Outback character of this fascinating Australian town.
Port Augusta itself is an interstate crossroads town where you can head west through the Nullarbor to Western Australia, east to Broken Hill and Sydney in New South Wales, south to South Australia's Adelaide, and of course north to Alice Springs and Darwin in the Northern Territory.
The Stuart Highway is a sealed road which roughly, and often erratically, parallels the railway of that well-known train, the Ghan, from Adelaide to Alice Springs, as well as the desert routes of the camel drivers of an earlier time.


Much visited by motorists and boaties alike, Wellington since 1848 has been a popular watering hole. The town is located at the junction of the River Murray and Lake Alexandrina.

Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, 535 kilometres north of Port Augusta in South Australia, has always held a strange fascination for many Australians, not that a high proportion of them have ever been there.
It's a place like Oodnadatta, farther north along the Oodnadatta Track, which skirts the normally waterless Lake Eyre, whose name conjures stretches of arid desert, marvelous rock and sand formations, and a natural stillness that speaks of vast distances and solitude.
What differentiates Coober Pedy from any number of Outback towns is the fact that it lies in Australia's best-known opal region and about 1500 of its people (roughly half its population of around 3000) live up -- or down! -- to its Aboriginal name: Coober Pedy, usually translated as "whitefella's (white man's) hole in the ground."


As a tourist destination, Goolwa has a unique claim to fame - it's the only place in Australia where paddlesteamers and an historic train join forces to provide a double- barrelled adventure in steam transport. The town is a junction for the Cockle Train, a holiday maker's train of historic carriages that travels between Goolwa and Victor Harbor. From Goolwa, the paddlesteamer Mundoo' and a number of other vessels depart on day trips or longer to cruise the lakes, Coorong and river reaches.


Population: 1,222 A heritage-conscious town, Penola's many fine colonial buildings and streets have been wonderfully restored, with a number of slab and hewn cottages remaining in good condition. Sainthood may yet make Penola an even more important destination in the near future. It was here that Mother Mary MacKillop founded the Order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and a school for the districts children irrespective of income or class in the 1860s. Her endeavour have since been widely recognised and she may well be soon canonised. Walkers will appreciate Penola and environs. There are good sign posted walking trails through the town and also in the conservation park.


Population: 333 Booleroo Centre is the centre of a thriving wheat and pastoral district in the southern Flinders Ranges.

The Murraylands and the Southeast Attractions

The Murraylands and the Southeast Attractions
PUZZLE PARK.....and many more
Read all about these great attractions here: The Murraylands and the Southeast Attractions

Newland Head Conservation Park

Newland Head Conservation Park
945 hectares This coastal conservation park twelve kilometres west of Victor Harbor includes Waitpinga and Parsons beaches, both noted for their fishing, hard-breaking surf and beachcombing. A series of signposted walking trails is set off from both beaches. There are camping ground facilities, free gas barbecues, rainwater fit for drinking, public conveniences and shelter.


Population: 1,189 Keith is on the main Melbourne- Adelaide road. Much of the farmland around it was once a part of the ninety mile desert, but thanks to the discovery that it lacked trace elements, it is now highly productive land.
Keith was proclaimed in 1883, and has some good examples of rural town architecture. A nearby park, the Mt Monster Conservation Park, has some spectacular granite outcrops, presumed to have once been islands when the south east was covered by water forty million years ago. A sign-posted walk takes visitors to the Mt Monster lookout for marvellous views of the area.


Population: 1.350 This is the gateway to South Australia from Victoria and NSW providing visitors and the rural community with rest havens, recreation and supplies. Native birds, emus and kangaroos are housed in a modern enclosure next to the caravan park. Barbeque and Picnic amenities are available at the Soldiers' Memorial Park. A number of conservation parks are easily reached from the town.

Remarkable Rocks

Remarkable Rocks
The name says it all, sculpted by the force of wind and sea, Remarkable Rocks at Cape du Couedic stand on a massive granite dome.

The Grampians National Parks

The Grampians National Parks
The Grampians National Park.
Koorie rock paintings are rare in Victoria and Australia. But not in The Grampians National Park. Five thousand years ago, the Koories who roamed the well stocked hunting ground surrounding Gariwerd as the mountain range was known to them, began recording their dreamtime legends and ceremonies on the recessed walls of caves, tucked away in rocky outcrops.....Read On: The Grampians National Parks


Population: 5,075
Millicent lies inland and is a convenient base from which to explore the coastal towns of Beachport, Robe and Southend. It began life as a rural centre, but earlier this century, large plantations of trees were planted in the district to take advantage of the favourable climate and rainfall for forestry. Today Millicent is a busy commercial centre for the forest industry. There are several paper mills and sawmills in the area.

Coober Pedy

To those who've seen the movies Mad Max III (Beyond Thunderdome) or Priscilla Queen of the Desert, their bleak seemingly out-of-this-world Outback landscape is distinctively Coober Pedy's.
It is a landscape so patently (and potently) Australian (and beloved of directors and cinematographers) but which somehow seems to call up a kinship with America's once-upon-a-time Wild West.
Coober Pedy, a mining settlement, is a rough town hewn out of South Australia's desert fringes. It is hot and dusty in the daytime in summer and freezing cold at night in winter.

The Murraylands & The Southeast

The Murraylands & The Southeast

The Murraylands with watersports, wildlife and heritage trails being some of the major attractions offers boundless options for exploration and enjoyment.
To the southeast the landscape changes to rugged coasts and beautiful beaches with sub-terrainean caves, sinkholes and extinct volcanoes.

Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges abounds with wildlife from wedge-tailed eagles and emus to colourful parrots, and kangaroos ,which are all indigenous to this this area. Containing three national parks the Flinders are arguably one of Australia's most under-rated natural attractions.The Mid North has some of the richest agricultural and pastoral land in the state, with a valuable maritime and mining history , idyllic wine producing district and natural bushland adventures.

Adelaide: Things to see

Breaking out of the city through the parklands that surround it, the Adelaide visitor can find new adventures in the nearby Adelaide Hills and at Kangaroo Island, the Flinders Ranges, the opal mining town of Coober Pedy, the Murray River, and the wine country of the Barossa, McLaren Vale, and Coonawarra.


Population: 226 A favourite stopping point en route to Adelaide, this scenic spot has a ferry which transports visitors right into the heart of the Murraylands. Swan Reach offers excellent water sports and holiday facilities. Geraldton wax trees, garlic and avocado farms are also open for inspection. Nearby, Punyelroo is well-known to waterskiers and holidaymakers.

Murray Lagoon

Murray Lagoon
Telephone (08) 8552 8233 An important wildlife haven in Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park, Murray Lagoon covers as much as 2,000 hectares after winter rains. It is a food and breeding area for more than two hundred bird species. Walking trails around the lagoon allow visitors to see many of them. At the park's headquarters at the Seagers Road entrance. Displays provide information about plant identification and the birdlife.


Population: 4,636
Naracoorte is one of the South East's largest commercial centres, servicing a prosperous pastoral and agricultural industry. Its earliest settlers were Scottish - names like Macintosh and Riddoch are common today. The town has many beautiful old buildings that reflect its prosperous past.

D'Etsrees Bay

D'Etsrees Bay
This is an attractive, long sweep of beach on the south-eastern side of the island, once the site of a whaling station. Subject to the might of the Southern Ocean, its shores have been the location of several shipwrecks. Today, D'Estrees Bay is popular with anglers and shell collectors after the elusive nautilus shell. Many hours can be spent exploring its length of beach.


Population: 651 The southern-most sea port in the state, Port MacDonnell is the base for a large lobster fishing fleet. It began life as a busy outport early last century. The arrival of the railway ended its importance as a port. The coast around Port MacDonnell is spectacular and rugged, with plenty of opportunities for scenic drives and bushwalking. Take the scenic drive to Cape Northumberland lighthouse for rewarding views of rocky coastline.

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