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What are some towns in South Australia


Population 963 This is a thriving deep sea port, shipping bulk grain grown on the peninsula to all points of the globe. Proclaimed in 1873, its first settlers initially Iived in dugouts. The land around the settlement was riddled with broom bush and mallee and at first was cleared by hand, a terrible job.
Then, in the early 1870s, a local farmer called Mullins developed a contraption called the 'mulleniser', a heavy roller drawn by a team of horses which flattened the scrub, which was later burned. In 1876, two brothers, Clarence and Richard Smith invented the stump jump plough, an ingenious device that saved South Australian farmers uncounted hours of effort - and in particular the farmers on Yorke Peninsula.
Another industry around Ardrossan is dolomite, mined from quarries south of the town.



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