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Question 2

What is a Dunny?

a toilet
a house
a teacher
a stupid person
A dunny is an outside toilet, they are still plentiful, though mainly renovated into showers for after beach wash off´s

Question 3

Your mate is your?

Your mate is your friend! mate noun friend; cobber (see); familiar term of address among men, similar to US `buddy´ `This here´s Raysie, me best mate´

Question 4

A "sheila " is a?

A Homosexual
A Sheila is a woman (not used any more other than by some old timers)

Question 5

The remote country area of Australia is called the?

Dry Plains
The outback
Outback National Parks Vast areas of the South Australian outback are set aside as national and conservation parks or regional reserves. Travel into these should only be undertaken with proper preparation, care and equipment. For camping in the desert parks in the outback region, you may require a Desert Parks Pass. The Pass is valid for twelve months from the date of issue and comes with an information booklet and detailed outback maps

Question 6

A common Australian greeting is?

Whats happenin´
Ga day or G ´day a freindly welcome (same as hello or hi)

Question 7

"Fair dinkum" means that Dave is?

Tired and Hungry
Telling the truth
A fair person
A very crazy teacher
Telling the truth Fair dinkum someone really genuine

Question 10

What is a Done Deal?

Something finnished or completed
A drug deal
Going to the toilet
A card game
A Done Deal its something finnished or completed

Question 11

What is meant by Bushed?

Covered in prickles
Full of food
Getting stuck in the 4 wheel drive
Bushed- Tired

Question 12

What is a chook?

An old woman
Rooster or hen
A talkative person
An idiot
Chook a chicken, rooster or hen

Question 13

What is a Lav?

A herb garden
A long round ball
An outdoor tiolet
A hairpiece
Lav or Lavvy outdoor tiolet

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