Bunya Bunya Nut

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What type of plant grows bunya bunya nuts?

Bunya Bunya Nut

Bunya nut plant description. Botanical name: Araucaria bidwillii. This plant is a large tall tree to 40 m high with a straight trunk, prickly leaves, and separate male and female flowers. The female cones, up to 300 mm long and weighing up to 10 kg, contain the edible seeds. A large harvest occurs approximately every three years, January to March. Uses: Bunya harvest was a time of feasting and ceremonies. Aboriginal tribes headed for the Bunya mountains where each tribe had ownership of particular trees. The tribes gathered in designated meeting places and any hostilities were suspended. Fruit was gathered and taken home. The fruit was eaten raw, roasted, or pounded into flour to make a kind of bread. Today, the nuts can still be eaten raw when fresh, or boiled to make it easier to extract the nut from the hard shell. The nuts can then be sliced or pureed and added to desserts and savory dishes. The nuts' flour can also be used to make breads and cakes.



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