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What is Australia


A brolga is an Australian crane. There is an Aboriginal legend that says girls
that do too much dancing and not enough working were changed into brolgas
because brolgas are tall, slender, and like to dance a lot.

The Aborigines copied the brolgas' dance and did it themselves. Brolgas eat grass, roots, insects, frogs, and lizards.
The cuscus is a marsupial found in Australia, Tasmania, the Solomon
Islands, Moluccas, and Celebes. It ranges from about 6 to 26 inches long.
Their tails are 17 to 24 inches long. Another word
for cuscus is phalanger. They are arboreal animals. This means that they are adapted for living or
moving around in trees. Phalangers eat fruit, leaves, nectar, insects, and
sometimes small birds. Cuscuses have dense, woolly fur and long tails. They live in hollow trees and carry their young in their pouches.



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