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How long have they worn Ugg boots in Australia?


In the 19th century as the new Australian colony fought to survive and prosper, sheepskin hides were used to make all forms of clothing, including footwear. One legend has it the sheepskin boot got its classic name (ug, ugh, or ugg) as a result of the Aussie habit of dropping the “h” from the beginning of words, as in “ey mate, those sheepskin boots sure do ug yer legs”. Another claims that it was a result of the original models just being so ugly. Whatever the real or imagined origins of the term ugg, ug, ugh or ugg boots, they have become another one of those famous Australian icons, the Australian sheepskin Ugg boot. A cottage industry grew up around them and they eventually became a favorite of Aussie surfers (I mean surffies, mate) and made their way to the U.S. as a part of the surfing culture.



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