Circular Breathing #2, 3, 4

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How can I play my didgeridoo continuously?

Circular Breathing #2, 3, 4

#2 - Breathe early and often. The easiest time to take air in and keep your drone going is when you still have plenty of air. The most difficult time is when you are almost out of air. When you get to that point it's hard to keep enough air going to maintain your drone while trying to snatch a breath. Don't hesitate. Use your relaxed, coordinated breathing to stay ahead of the game. #3 - Some people find it helpful to use their tongue like a piston, driving air forward through their mouth while doing the cheek squeeze. You can do this by raising the back of your tongue and closing off your throat with it, then pushing your tongue forward to help expel the air. #4 - Don't worry about the little break in your drone that usually happens when you first start being successful with your circular breathing. It happens because you don't maintain sufficient air flow past your lips or because your lips aren't quite strong enough yet. Or a combination of the two. Try pushing a little extra air past your lips as you get to the end of your breath in. This will assist with maintaining your buzz. Any gap in sound should disappear with more play and practice. It is a progression.



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