The Blue Mountains: Hand stencils

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Where are the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains: Hand stencils

The first town you hit on the highway is Glenbrook. It has a visitor centre and tourist office and is a wonderful first stop if you haven't yet planned your trip fully. It adjoins a small park where you can stretch your legs, partake of refreshments, or simply rest for a while. There's an entry point at Glenbrook to the Blue Mountains National Park and if you'd like to picnic here and explore the bush, this is as good a place as any to spend the day. Don't forget the 7km return walk southwest of the National Parks and Wildlife Service visitor centre and explore the Red Hand Cave, an old Aboriginal shelter with hand stencils on its walls. The Blue Mountains National Park covers a large area north and south of the Great Western Highway. A landmark feature is the Three Sisters farther west at Katoomba.



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