Christmas in Australia: Cards

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How do Australians celebrate Christmas

Christmas in Australia: Cards

Christmas cards are generally exchanged in Australia, always bearing in mind those who are not Christian. Australians, like those in the many countries that celebrate Christmas, use the time of year to send off cards with news of their families and keep in touch with distant acquaintances.

Those not from Australia might wonder whether we have cards with an Australian theme or whether they are all frost, ice and snow. The answer is that general Christmas themes prevail in Australian Christmas card design, including cold-weather themes. Holly, candles, doves etc comprose 23% of the general card output. Traditional Christmas ice scenes comprise 19% . Father Christmas is on 18% of cards. Snow & winter scenes comprise 13% and religious themes take up 10% . Australian scenes and images make up only 6% of Christmas cards. The remaining 11% is made up of 'other', cards which don't readily fit into a group.



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