Lord Howard Florey

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Who was Sir Henry Parkes ?

Lord Howard Florey

Lord Howard Florey (1898–1968)
Howard Florey was born in Adelaide, South Australia. He was a scientist who won a scholarship to study at Oxford University in England and later became a professor there.
Florey is famous because he developed the medicine penicillin in the 1940s. Before then, many people had died of infections, even from small injuries. With penicillin they could be cured. Many people are alive now because of Florey's medicine.

He was the first Australian to become the president of the Royal Society of Medicine and won a Nobel Prize for his work in 1945. This is only given to a few people in the world each year. In 1965, he was made Lord Florey by Queen Elizabeth II.

A suburb of Canberra is named after him and his face is on the $50 note.



9/19/2006 8:33:11 PM
Joe Blowe said:

I found that this site was very limited on the amount of information bout effective in displaying the major parts of his life.

8/19/2007 9:42:06 PM
Christine Hayes said:

i really think that this man had did his time trying to get the war over and done with and his done a fantastic job may he rip

10/24/2007 12:07:21 AM
winckle butt said:

u cant fit a biography in one page!

5/23/2009 6:13:26 AM
Lord Howard Florey said:

That was just great.


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