Elizabeth II

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Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II (1926– )
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada and Australia. Elizabeth became queen in 1952 after her father, King George VI, died.
As queen of both England and Australia Exlizabeth II is our Head of State. In Australia, the Queen is represented by the governor-general. Today, the Queen is often seen at parades, at the opening of Parliament and meeting the leaders of other countries.

The Queen's life is honoured on our banknotes and stamps, by a public holiday for her birthday and by the naming of many public places after her. Statues and pictures of her are found in many government buildings.



3/16/2007 11:56:38 AM
Ashley said:

I think she was a very cool lady and helped alot of people

8/19/2007 9:57:07 PM
Christine Hayes said:

you hines may all the goodness on the earth be with you your an inspiartion to all those who look up to you
thanks for the pleasure of commenting on you

11/4/2011 7:57:18 PM
clo mull said:

the queen is the best queen ever

2/7/2012 5:38:41 PM
kelly said:

it is so sad that her father died but she was still a good queen. let there be peace and happiness inher life


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