Michael Waldock

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Michael Waldock

Michael Waldock (birth date not known)
Michael Waldock was born in Bermagui in New South Wales. When he was only a teenager, he lost his sight and became blind.
He was given a CB radio for his sixteenth birthday and began working for the Australian Volunteer Coastguard. This is a group of people who work for free in their spare time to help people who are in trouble on the sea. Michael has worked for up to seven days a week, listening to radio signals from boats and ships in danger. He has helped to arrange the rescue of more than 130 boats.

In 1983, Michael was made Young Australian of the Year.



3/18/2007 11:38:28 PM
man said:

he rocks

4/22/2007 8:26:54 PM
will said:

cool guy


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