The Australian Way of Life

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What is the history of Australia?

The Australian Way of Life

Most Australians enjoy or aspire to middle-class suburban lifestyles. This involves owning a house, having a modest-sized income, a family with two to three children, and a group of friends to socialise with regularly. Like any country, Australians have their own unique preferences when it comes to food, popular culture and fashion.

Australians once had a somewhat bland palate but the introduction of new cuisines by new Australians has led to the development of a thriving food culture. Many cuisines can be seen in the major cities, most particularly Melbourne and Sydney. The country also produces most kinds of food, wine, and other beverages in abundance.

Popular culture is dominated by an emphasis on leisure activities and outdoor recreation. Great pleasure is taken in traditional backyard barbecues, bush picnics, and a wide range of organized sports, including soccer, Australian Rules football, cricket, tennis, baseball, basketball, volleyball, netball (a game similar to basketball, played by women), athletics, cycling, boating, swimming, horseback riding, and horse racing. Fishing and gardening are popular activities.

Australians tend to be a bit more relaxed about fashion than Europeans. Fashion generally follows Western styles of dress. Australian fashion was once around 10 years behind its European counterparts, but today trends take around 12-18 months to cross hemispheres. Australians are also known for forging their own couture paths, and Australian dress is distinctive for the lightweight, colorful casual wear that reflects the absence of harsh winters.



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