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What are some towns in South Australia


Population: 2,225 Copper was discovered around Burra in 1845, and soon a bustling town had grown around the site. The Burra, as it was known, consisted of a series of small townships based around the nationalities of the miners who lived there. Kooringa and Redruth were Cornish, Aberdeen- Scottish, Llywchwr-Welsh and Hampton- English. While the town economy is today based on the pastoral industry especially merino sheep farming, the copper heritage is evident everywhere. Several museums interpret the old mines site, and numerous historic residential and public buildings have been restored and put to contemporary use. Burra's Passport system is an inviting and novel way to see the town's many attractions - simply collect your key from the Burra Tourist Office, and head off at your own pace on an eleven kilometre tour of heritage buildings, museums, mine shafts and lookouts .



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