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What are some towns in South Australia


Arkaroola is a 61,000 hectare privately-owned wildlife sanctuary in the rugged northern flinders Ranges just to the east of the Gammon Ranges National Park. It shares features seen in that park - including spectacular arid zone mountain terrain, picturesque gorges, water holes and wildlife unique to the area.
Arkaroola Village, a motel, caravan and camping complex, is the focus for the sanctuary, purchased by the current owners in 1968. Until then, the area was made up of a series of degraded pastoral leases infested with vermin; these were eradicated, and today Arkaroola is a fine example of a privately-run sanctuary. The scenic waterholes of Nooldoonooldoona, Bolla Bollana, Arkaroola, Stubbs and Bararranna are well worth a visit.



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