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What are the Cities/towns of Victoria?


Built on lava flows which date back some 4.5 million years, Hamilton is the wool capital of the world. One of the biggest attractions is the Big Wool-bales which houses a comprehensive history of the district's wool producing heritage. Many of the city's grand buildings and fine homes are a direct result of the wealth and prosperity of the wool industry.
Within an easy drive of Hamilton are the extinct volcanoes of Mt Eccles, Mt Napier and Mt Rouse. Their landscape is awe inspiring, as are the myriad of caves and lava blisters in the area.
Hamilton also has one of Victoria's best regional galleries and the Botanic Gardens are a nature lover's delight.
Sir Reginald Ansett, Australia's commercial aviation pioneer, lived in Hamilton. Today, you can step inside his relocated company hangar at the Ansett Transport Museum and be transported back to the earliest days of commercial flight.
At Hamilton you'll find the only surviving Victorian colony of the rare Eastern Barred Bandicoot , a small furry marsupial with rabbit like ears.



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