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Where is Glendambo?


Glendambo is a major service centre for travellers along the Stuart Highway between Woomera and Coober Pedy. It has a hotel-motel, roadhouse, general store, caravan park , camping area, and fuel outlet.



9/10/2007 5:59:10 AM
Margaret said:

Glendambo is more than a major service centre. It is a vital service in the outback grossly underestimated by those who know better. Many people who one might think are out of their minds live in Glendambo and provide vital services to travellers heading north for holidays or on their way to a distant place. If you would like to look back through the archive of the regional newspaper, The Coober Pedy Regional Times, you will find that Glendambo is somewhat of a hot spot and features frequently in the regional news.
If there is anything happening in the outback you will hear it first at Glendambo


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