Sir Donald Bradman

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Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman
Australia's greatest sporting legend is known simply as The Don. Sir Donald Bradman was barely 20 years old when he was selected for Australia's cricket team in 1928. Over the next two decades, he averaged 99.94 runs every time he went to bat — 40 runs clear of any other player. Bradman was voted the greatest Australian of all time in a recent national poll. Playing fields and songs have been named in his honour. In every state, the postbox number for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia's national broadcaster, is 9994 — a reference to Bradman's phenomenal run record.



5/7/2007 5:10:51 PM
blsh said:

i love this

8/13/2007 3:57:06 AM
Jazzy said:

I think Sir Donald Bradman is an Australian Icon and my all-time favorite cricketer.

8/19/2007 9:52:57 PM
Christine Hayes said:

may he rest in peace he is a cricket ledgen and
he is an inspiration to all those who love to play cricket or dont may god be with him

8/26/2009 11:50:17 PM
salmon said:

i think the don is the bom

10/6/2009 1:19:21 AM
Trish said:

WOW What a guy.he is brilliant and my dad is huge fan of bradman same as my mum so he must be great to make on our familys wall.

9/5/2011 6:37:57 AM
Mr Triple S said:

This Really Helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

10/5/2011 11:14:02 AM
Dan Cook said:

very good

10/5/2011 11:14:34 AM
Dan Cook said:

very good liked it a lot

2/8/2012 10:29:03 PM
dalton k said:

this is a really good website to use


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