Australian Winter Travel

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Australian Winter Travel

It's winter in Australia at the moment, and although the weather in the south is fairly dreadful (not particularly cold, but lots of rain), this time of year is perfect for travel up north.

My favourite winter getaway is Noosa. Up above Brisbane in Queensland, Noosa was once a sleepy little town but is now a popular tourist resort. This is kind of frustrating for those of us who, although tourists ourselves, like to feel we've gone off the beaten track. Visiting in the winter is one way of encountering as few other people as possible.

Staying by one of Noosa's rivers and canals is another. Travellers who are willing to be a 30 minute walk from the main beach area will find some great waterside accommodation in Noosa's suburbs, where the prices are significantly cheaper and the streets slightly quieter. Some truly wonderful restaurants can be this area as well.

There will be no Noosa for me this year, but I can dream of the next time I can run away for a few days far from the Melbourne winter.



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