Coffee As A Universal Guideline

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Coffee As A Universal Guideline

While I am slowly updating all of the information available on this tip site, I am concentrating on providing as much real-life information as possible. As a traveller, I know how vital this can be: there is nothing more daunting than arriving in a new city and realising your planned budget can't even stretch to a cup of coffee.

With that in mind, I am updating the vital statistics of each Aussie state and major city with what I like to call the coffee test. This is just an indication of the average price of a cup of coffee in each area, which should serve as a guide when planning your visit (or just as an interesting tidbit of information).

Why coffee, you may well ask? Well, as a determined coffee drinker, a cup of java is one of the first things I look for when visiting a new city. I've found that coffee prices are a good indication of the cost of living in an area (except Paris, of course). Just for clarification, the coffee mentioned is a medium latte.



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