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Question 1

What is an ´ankle biter´?

An infant?
An ant?
A snake?
An Australian weed?

Question 2

What is a B&S Ball?

A Ball used for both Basketball and Soccer?
A dance held for Bachelors and Spinsters?
A Ball to celebrate the Beginning and Start of a new season?
A Ball used for Breaking, and Shelling nuts?
B & S Ball- Ball held for Bachelors and Spinsters, singles crowd, often held in the bush or remote location and often involving copious amounts of alcohol and sometimes mud!

Question 3

What is Damper?

A chimney capping?
An Australian Cake?
Slang for the wet season?
Damper- Bread made from flour and water on a campfire in the bush

Question 4

What is the ´Bush Telegraph´?

An Australian newspaper?
A Satelite system used in Australia?
Bush telegraph the town gossip network?
A bush Cucumber?

Question 5

What is ´Codswallop´?

cods-swal-lop: A type of caviar?
cods-swal-lop: a lot nonsense or a lie?
cods-swal-lop: A fish?
cods-swal-lop: an open handed slap?

Question 6

What is a ´Cobber´?

A sausage sandwich?
A hat?
A coat?
A good friend?

Question 7

What is ´Face Fungus´?

A man´s beard, hair on the face ?
Facial dermatitis?
A runny nose?

Question 8

What is a ´Floater´?

A fishing lure?
A fishing marker?
A meat pie floating in thick pea soup?
A dead body found in water?
Floater: meat pie floating in thick pea soup (South Australia) sounds bad but it´s great on a cold night

Question 9

What is a ´Hoon´?

A show-off with limited intelligence?
A car horn?
A cow Bell?
A type of shoe?

Question 10

What is a ´Jumbuck´?

A brand of Shoes?
A type of shirt?
A waterhole?
A sheep?

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