Australian Lollies

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Where in the U.S. can I buy Cherry Ripes?

Australian Lollies

Australians have a strong affinity for their lollies. They are very different than the kind of candies made in America, and are influenced of course, by British and European confectionaries. Australian candy is a reflection of Australian culture. A major distinguishing feature of Australian candies is that they are made using cane sugar rather than the American variety which rely on corn syrup. This gives a distinctively richer and fuller taste to Australian candies, at least based on this Australians' taste buds. There are many to choose from, but “the best” would include Violet Crumble, Cherry Ripes, Jaffas, Flakes, Pollywaffles, Turkish Delights, Minties, Fantails and Milo Bars. Cadbury, Nestles', and Allen are the major Australian candy makers. Cadbury also makes a wonderful series of children's collectibles which come in “you build it” pieces inside a plastic egg, inside a chocolate shell, known as Yowies. And if you like licorice, the unique, full, rich taste of Pascalls will remind you of what licorice used to taste like. Yum, yum!!!



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kelly said:

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