Australian Fish and Chips

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Is fish and chips traditional in Australia, too.

Australian Fish and Chips

An old reliable mainstay of Australian food culture is fish and chips. Most Australians live pretty much along the coast, so Australian seafood is a constant part of the diet. If you're lucky you can catch lobster or crabs, scrape oysters or mussels off the rocks or pick up a kilo or two of prawns at the co-op for a feast. But if you just need to pop in to the local shop for a bit of a feed, good old fish and chips are hard to beat. Fresh fish deep fried in batter with a big helping of chips (French fries) wrapped up in newspaper and doused with English malt vinegar with tomato sauce on the chips is traditional English and Australian fare. Wow. Makes me mouth water, matie.



7/3/2007 8:18:36 AM
Julie A Jones said:

Being away from Australia and missing it so much the big thing is the food and being able to duck down to the corner fish and chip shop is one of those fond memories I keep close to my heart. Oh for a serving of good old Aussie Fish and Chips.


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