Gumleaf Salmon Sushi

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How can I make gumleaf salmon sushi?

Gumleaf Salmon Sushi

Gumleaf Salmon Sushi. Prep. time 10 mins. 2 cups cooked vinegar rice (see Lemon myrtle sushi recipe); 100g smoked salmon, sliced thinly and in strips; 2 drops gumleaf oil; 200ml salad oil; 6 sheets toasted nori. On bamboo stick sushi mat, lay a piece of nori and spread enough rice to make a cm layer. Lay out a strip of smoked salmon. Mix the gumleaf and salad oils and brush a small amount over the smoked salmon. Using water for sealing the edges of the nori, roll into 2 to 3cm diameter rolls. Taste test a slice (cut with a sharp, wet knife) to check gumleaf after-taste and adjust amount of oil if necessary.



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