Baby Barramundi/Munthari Butter Sauce

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How can I make barramundi with butter sauce?

Baby Barramundi/Munthari Butter Sauce

Whole Baby Barramundi and Munthari Butter Sauce. 400g whole baby barramundi; 30ml vegetable oil; 2 drops gumleaf oil (careful, this product is very strong); 1 tbsp butter; 30g finely chopped leek; ½ cup munthari berries; pinch of ground lemon myrtle. Combine the vegetable oil and gumleaf oil and heat in a frypan to smoking temp. Pan fry fillets until skin is crispy (about 2 mins). Turn over and cook the other side (1 min. or less). Set aside in a warm dish. In the fry pan, melt butter, add leek, muntharies, and seasonings. Plate up fish, garnish with leek and muntharies and finish with a generous sprinkle of ground lemon myrtle.



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