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How can I make animal sounds on my didgeridoo?


Vocalizing while droning is a wonderful way to add color and texture to your didgeridoo playing. It's easy to do, too. A simple technique is to just hum a note while making your drone. Your note will be carried out the bell end mixed with the drone and give a bigger, fuller sound. You can make high notes, low notes, and something in between. Each will project its own sound. Individual didgeridoos will often carry one particular vocal pitch better than others. Experiment and see what works best for you. You can also make animal sounds through your didgeridoo while playing. This technique was and still is an integral part of aboriginal playing. Boys were always sent to the bush to learn to imitate birds and other animals when learning to play. Try a dog bark. Do the bark without the didgeridoo first. Then make your drone and make your bark again. You must over do your bark in order to have it carry through and compete with your drone. Pick another animal sound and try it. Always try it first without the didgeridoo. Really belt it out. Then try again while playing. With practice your can literally talk through the didgeridoo while playing. Sing songs too. But that will take a bit of practice.



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