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What do Australians wear?


Check the temperature chart and the weather maps carefully. In the tropics lightweight clothing (natural fibres) is suitable all year round. In the southern temperate regions, summers (December February) are warm to hot and lightweight clothes are suitable for daytime, but keep a jacket or sweater handy as nights may be cool. For the southern winters (June August), sweaters, a jacket or light coat and generally warmer clothes are advisable. Australians are informal dressers, but for special occasions, such as business meetings, theatres and dining at good restaurants, men may need a jacket and tie or suit and women a more formal dress. Most of the time just keep clothing light and comfortable. Bring a sunhat, sunglasses and suntan lotion if you expect hot weather. For foot protection in the coral pools of the Great Barrier Reef, pack your sandshoes (sneakers).



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