Centenary of Federation

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How did Australia celebrate her Centenary of Federation ?

Centenary of Federation

Centenary of Federation
Peals of Bells Ring in
Australian Celebrations
OR five full minutes, and synchronised throughout the land, church bells in all of Australia's cities and major communities pealed on New Year's Day 2001 to mark the start of the country's centenary of federation.

The centenary celebrations continue throughout the year, focusing on Sydney on the first day. It was in Sydney after all, in the city's Centennial Park, that the federation of Australia's six states was formally forged on January 1, 1901.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve a hundred years ago, as the clock ticked into the 20th century, whistles, gongs, church bells, rattles, pots, pans, accordions and all manner of noise-makers joined the sirens of boats on Sydney Harbour.
It was to be a special day.



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