Convicts transportation

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What can I see in Tasmania?

Convicts transportation

Convict transportation was the system by which governments of some countries in Europe got rid of unwanted convicts. They shipped them overseas to colonies - lands overseas that countries such as Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal had long been exploring and taking as their own. By the late 1700s British colonies included New South Wales in Australia and this is where Britain sent its convicts......Read On: Tasmanian Convict transportation



4/4/2009 4:51:17 AM
Lorraine and Shaz said:

Go to Sarah island and do the boat trip from Strahan GET off the boat and do the walk..If raining Take a disposible Poncho $3.00 at Cheap shops. Keep it till end of trip and then if not leave at the back packers there for them.


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